The following article compares the best track saw for your needs. It includes reviews of the best track saw models, including the Makita SP6000J, Festool DWS520K, Makita XPS01PTJ, and Shop Fox 1835. Which track saw should you buy? Consider the following factors before purchasing a track saw. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

Makita SP6000J

The SP6000J track saw is a powerful tool that is great for precise cutting. Its engine power of 1,300 W and cutting power of 56 mm make it the perfect tool for precise cutting jobs. The tool features a guide rail and a speed range of 2000 to 6400 rpm. For convenience, this track saw has a blade that is easy to clean. It also includes a dust collection system, which is essential for precise cutting work.

The track and saw work in harmony to provide an excellent cutting experience. The saw blade and track work together to deliver straight, almost tearout-free cuts. You can easily switch between cutting modes or adjust the speed based on the material you’re cutting. The SP6000J track saw’s variable cooling system extends the life of the tool. It also features a thumb wheel located below the trigger for easier adjustment.

Moreover, this track saw has a unique anti-tip mechanism that engages with a groove in the track to avoid the saw from tipping. While this track saw lacks a riving knife, its anti-kickback mechanism helps it remain stable when using it for plunge applications. The absence of both features can be useful for certain jobs, but they can cause more problems. So, it’s important to choose the track saw that matches your needs.

Another thing you should know before buying this track saw is how comfortable it is to use. Its handle is very comfortable to grip and use. The plunge action is similar to that of the Festool TS 55 REQ, but it doesn’t come with the overmolded primary handle. The SP6000J offers a comfortable, well-constructed handle and a good case. A side benefit of the track saw is that you can store extra blades and accessories in its case.

This track saw has numerous features and is reasonably priced. Although it doesn’t have a riving knife, the saw’s 2,000-watt motor makes it a solid performer. A magnesium-based construction ensures durability. This saw weighs 9.7 pounds, so it is not overly heavy. Besides, it has an anti-kickback mechanism and a guide rail that helps it cut materials smoothly.

Festool DWS520K

The Festool DWS520K track saw is a powerful tool with good features. It includes a photographic guide that shows you how to use the saw. It has two adjustable cams at the front and back of the saw shoe, which you can rotate with thumb screws. The cams are designed to prevent side-to-side play so that the saw moves smoothly down the track. Despite this, it doesn’t have a sliding shoe release, which can cause it to jam when cutting.

Its variable speed and zero vibration make it ideal for cutting through metal. The two 63-inch rails are a perfect fit for deck building. The cord is the longest and comes with a great carry bag. Another feature that we liked was the upright handle position. The controls are simple and intuitive and don’t make you fumble around with your tool. Overall, this track saw delivered on all counts.

The DWS520K is built with high-quality materials. It has a powerful motor with electronics to maintain consistent cutting speeds. The DWS520K has textured base adjuster knobs that enable you to adjust the saw blade’s speed without having to turn the saw around. It also features a zero side-to-side play mechanism. With this feature, it makes the tool easy to clean up after use.

Another advantage of this saw is that it has a laser guide and an 18-amp motor, so you can use it to cut even the hardest materials. Both models make clean cuts, but the Festool is more lightweight, easier to plunge, and has a better blade-changing mechanism. There are plenty of other features to choose from as well, so it’s worth considering the Festool DWS520K track saw.

Track saws are indispensable tools for woodworkers, and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get one. But there are huge price ranges for track saws, and the top contenders all have different features. Read on to see which one suits your needs. You can choose the Festool DWS520K track saw review to make a more informed decision. So, go ahead and start cutting and finishing with it!

Makita XPS01PTJ

The Makita XPS01PTJ cordless plunge-cut track saw is an excellent choice for those who need to cut a variety of materials. Its variable speed dial enables users to select the perfect speed for different materials and thicknesses. Its soft rubber overmold provides comfort and precision during the plunge. And its blades are quick-changeable. You can easily adjust the cutting speed to suit the job, thanks to the positive stops.

The track saw comes with a safety trigger. This allows users to stop the blade immediately and prevent injuries. They can also use a depth limiter to set the maximum depth of the cut. To use a depth limiter, first mark both ends of the wooden board with the desired width of the cut. Then, place the track over the workpiece and lower the limiter until the saw passes the material.

The Makita XPS01PTJ cordless track saw offers top-of-the-line features. Its patented Makita Extreme Protection Technology ensures smooth operation in rough conditions. The tool is equipped with a brushless motor, which reduces the risk of a fire. It also has a large battery pack. It is compact and lightweight at 11.2 lbs. The Makita XPS01PTJ can be used with a variety of tracks, including Festool and Makita. One of its most notable features is its ability to fit most tracks. However, different tracks have a different impact on the saw’s chip guard. For this reason, users should make sure to calibrate their track saw’s cut line and choose a saw that matches the material being cut.

This is a plunge circular saw/track saw that runs on a 36V battery system. Its brushless motor offers variable speed and torque control, and comes with a soft start and electric brake. The XPS01PTJ has a cutting capacity of 2-3/16 inches at 90 degrees and positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees. It is a versatile tool for both home and business use.

Shop Fox 1835

If you want a quality track saw that’s still affordable, the Shop Fox 1835 track saw is a great choice. It’s equipped with premium features, including a dust collection port and riving knife to ensure a safe and accurate cut, making it a good choice for fast work on softer materials. In addition to its fast cutting speed, it also offers added safety for the user by minimizing blade pinching.

While it’s a good idea to purchase a track saw that comes with a blade guard, make sure that it has a powerful motor. A 12 amp motor will be enough for most tasks, and the track saw’s blade can spin up to 5,200 RPMs. Another good option is the Festool TS 75 track saw. This model is ideal for professionals or for the DIY woodworker, as its high-performance motor will get the job done quickly and safely.

The Shop Fox 1835 track saw has a number of great features, including an on-board tool storage system, a 360-degree rotating outlet, and a universal vacuum system adapter. It comes with soft grip handles for maximum comfort and a flat blade housing for straight cuts all the way to the workpiece’s edge. The track saw’s plunge star feature mechanism lets you access any point with ease. A track saw is great for homeowners who like to take on large projects, as they can easily fit in a small space.

With its 45-degree bevel gauge and inbuilt riving knife, the Shop Fox W1835 track saw is an excellent choice for cutting various materials. The saw also has an anti-kickback mechanism, which eliminates the need for flip-up blade guards. An optional guide rail is essential for straight cuts when working with wide panels. The infinite depth of cut can range from two to five/32 inches. If you’re not sure about the depth you need to cut, you can use the track saw with an adjustable depth control.

Another great option for homeowners is the Makita track saw, which has a 6-1/2-inch blade diameter and a 47-degree bevel capacity. With this track saw, you’ll be able to cut long woods without fear of splinters. Its dual-edged tracks make it an ideal choice for homeowners and remodelers who want to save money. This saw is great for long cuts and is easy to use.

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