Table Saw Accident Stories and Statistics

The statistics of saw accidents...

how and why they happen.


Some of the Accidents from the Past Year

Incredibly Lucky

I was ripping a 1/8" strip off a 12" long piece of pine. I was using a push stick but didn't secure the forward edge of the board. Kickback. Used my knee to stop the blade. I almost lost a finger. My picture is posted here.

Chewed up Thumb

While ripping a small piece of wood for a drawer side the blade gabbed my thumb and chewed of thumb pad but not to the bone and the ER thinks no nerve was damaged! Lucky.

No one home to take me to the emergency room!

I have been using a table saw for 50 plus years, not everyday, but for general use around the home for decks, storage sheds and things like that.I was cutting a 2x4x24".I was cutting 4 pieces 1 3/4"x 3/4x24". I had cut 3 pieces and had one more to go & I was using a push block,I had about 1 1/2" more to go. I reached behind the saw to pull it through with my left hand as I was pushing, then it was like a shot out of a gun, I thought it had kicked back and hit me in the hand. It bleeding pretty bad, I covered it with a towel and went to the utility sink I have in the basement. When I looked my ring finger was hanging by a little piece of skin and other three were cut from the top side but didn't touch my thumb. The only thing I think happened as I was pulling it through, it kicked back and automatically tightened my grip and it pulled my hand through, I did hit a knot in the wood. My wife was not home, so I hopped in the truck and drove to the hospital emergency room. they already took X-rays. The Dr. looked at them, he said he wouldn't be able to save the thumb and he wasn't sure about the pinky. I had my surgery on that day Dec 3,2014. I don't have full motion in the little, ring, & middle. I Hope they get better with my exercising.

I was the fool who reached over the blade.

I was ripping quarter inch strips from 1x2 stock. Like a fool I reached over the blade ( guard removed ) to retrieve the strip as it emerged the back of the saw. Lighting was poor and I was T the end of an eighteen hour day. I contacted my right thumb with the blade and cut a 1/8" left right through it. Thumb always numb now. If a cut doesn't feel safe, back away and find another method. Don't work tired.I was cut was a wake up call.

Dado blades are dangerous

Cutting a dado into a plastic block 3" x 6" x 1" . Block went slightly askew and kicked back. Hit in the groin area.....ouch! Lesson learned....use flat pushblock and avoid standing directly behind

More Dado stories

I was cutting a dado into a 1'x4' on the narrow end. I was holding the wood down over the blade when it kicked back and my left middle finger when right down onto the blade. ER visit, hand surgeon, and two surgeries later I have a fused bone. Took 6 months to fully recover with a period of time when the Dr. thought I would lose a part of my finger. Bought a bunch of safety equipment for my saw but still don't really like using it. Avoid dado cuts and others that are just too scary.

Distracted at Work

Distracted by a coworker while completing my cut. Had turned saw off but hadn't removed wood. Took half my fingernail on left index finger, tore skin, and struck bone. Oops.

Instant Broken Hand

was cutting a 16 of an inch off a piece of wood and the saw had NO anti kick back device and the wood kicked back and flew into my left hand breaking it instantly....

Construction Site Accident

cutting stakes on a table saw to mark out a site. used a mitre gauge to cross cut and mitre. a kickback dragged my fingers into the blade. i was SO lucky to just rip of two finger nails and do some flesh damage. I should have just bought a pack of stakes but this was a true wake up call. Don't take any chances and concentrate on what you're doing. Consider all eventualities before you put wood to blade!!!

More than 30 years experience

First accident in 30+ years. Cutting an 8" square piece of 1/4" oak plywood using a sled. Blade extended about 1/4" above plywood. Went to remove waste and put right thumb down onto blade. Pretty bad 1/4" deep gouge in thumb pad, couldn't stitch. Took 8 weeks to heal properly but could have been much worse.

Saw Stop

I was using a saw stop table saw ,so a bandaid is all I needed[just to keep dirt out]Why isn't this on all all saws,how much money is spent on medical,lost wages.Seems pretty stupid,just my two cents.

14 Operations later I still have debilitating pain

I was rip cutting a 15" wide x 12" long x 1.25" thick oak plank into 5, 3" wide sections. I was using a push block. On the last cut, about 3/4 the way through, the back side of the board suddenly lifted up as if it was going to be thrown back towards my face. I reached out with my left hand to block it from flying up and in a blink of an eye my hand was pulled towards me and down to table. When using power tools I always wear tight fitting latex coated gloves which give me an extra strong grip. But on this fateful day I could't find the left hand glove so I put on a loose fitting glove from another pair. The glove was snagged by the blade and pulled down through the slot in the table, pulling my hand into the blade and severing my left hand across the top of my palm and through the middle of my thumb. My fingers and thumb were replanted and only just survived. The operation was declared a great success until the cast was removed revealing an infection. My situation just went from bad to worse over the next five years. I have had 14 operations, so far, have lost all function and I still suffer from debilitating pain.

Should have used a miter saw

I was making tops for newel posts making a bevel cut. I had almost finished the cut when the saw had a kickback pulling my thumb onto blade. In hindsight, I realized I should have been making these cuts on my miter saw.

Small blocks of wood

trimming 4" x 4" using the fence. Push stick sliped and block twisted into the back of the blade. BANG. Pain in my wrist, blood, tingling feeling, ...sickness, bewilderment. Took a minute to come out of shock. Either the block itself or the push stick, hit my wrist, cut the skin, and left me very shaken. I thought I'd lost the tenon and artery. But I got a third chance.

Repetitive work distracted me

I was was doing some repetitive work and the pieces that did not fall became a distraction and my working piece got off the fence on an angle, kicked. I got info about a prosthesis by typing finger prosthetics and this has helped me a lot.

Ruptured Intestines

I was cutting a small piece of plywood when it kicked back with incredible force resulting in the rupture of my small intestine. Had to have major abdominal surgery to repair. With complications almost a month in the hospital.

Expensive derby car

Working on a pinewood derby car for my son. I reached over to the other side to pull the wood through and it kicked back sending my hand back through the blade. Cut all my digits but my index finger. Surgeon was able to repair most of the damage.

A miter cut the hickory and four of my fingers too!

50 year old female installing hardwood floors, made a miter cut on one board, returned to rip a long board...adjusted the blade back to upright position and didn't lower the blade back down to level with the top of the board. Got about halfway down the board and it bucked...the next thing I remember is knowing that I had cut my hand and that is was probably going to need stitches. We bound it up quickly without looking at it and went to prompt care. That was the first time I saw it...they looked at it quickly and bundled me back into the car and sent me down the road to the ER where I was taken in for emergency surgery. The blade had cut through four of my fingers in some places to the bone, tore a chunk out of my index finger and shattered the joint and fractured several other bones. I was lucky...I didn't lose any fingers, no tendon damage...but wow!!! It happened so fast and I now face a year of rehab before it will be back to normal and here is very likely permanent nerve damage.

No more thumbnail

While cutting a small strip of laminate flooring, I reached over the blade to grab it and my thumb went into the blade. Cut through my thumb nail and a third of my thumb

Med flight to a hand specialist

Was helping a relative install floors, ripping a short piece for closet about 22inch long board 3 inch wide. Was taking one inch off, once board was through blade went to grab other end to pull through realized I was too close to blade and tried to reposition my hand out of line of blade. The momentary lapse of physical control on the wood with left, right hand was still on pushing end of board, aloud the blade to pop up and pull the board while I was holding it. Cut pad of thumb from edge of finger nail across to middle knuckle of index finger (amputated) to middle finger which I had bent so blade cut middle knuckle half way through and fractured middle finger in two places and just nicked ring finger. Had to be med flown in helicopter to hand specialist half hour flight, they could not reattach index finger, middle finger has pins holding it together, thumb need stitched only. Med flight charged $ 37,000. Surgery and ER charged $ 23,000. Still haven't done therapy yet and have to have pins removed soon, no bill yet for after surgery doctor visits.

Making Christman Gifts

Making Christmas gifts one mourning I had a lapse in concentration and ran the stock business as usual.My ring finger was at an angle so it cut a slice at 45 degrees through the nail and bone but not completely through the finger.Emergency room visit for 3 stitches now removed and have been using a four pronged splint waiting for some bone growth activity to avoid any pin insertion. I realize this is going to be a much longer recovery. Be careful........Bob

Still have to see the hand specialist

I was ripping an oak board at 4 and 1/2 inches that's was 8 inches long. I used a push block with my right hand but for some dumb reason I had my left hand on the left side of the blade guiding the piece that would be cut off. What I didn't realize was that the piece was being cut and my hand still push where there was no longer a piece of wood, went right into the blade. I cut my whole nail bed out and chipped the end of my bone off. I still have to see a hand specialist. You can see the pictures of my hand.


Saw jumped off wood and landed on wrist

Lost fingers cutting salvaged pine

I was ripping rough sawn pine salvaged from the old construction and cutting half, then flipping to cut the other half. I pushed down on end closest to me and grabbed the high end away from me, then in a split second the blade bound up an pulled the board with my right hand, back down and into the blade. I lost half my pinky, half my ring finger and cut the middle to the bone.

Hand no where near the blade

Was making final cut of board 1/2x5x15 inches. Since I had plenty of room between fence and blade I hooked the little finger of my right hand over the fence and using my thumb to push and other fingers to hold down, pushed the board through the blade. This was the third of six pieces. My left hand was not even over the surface of the saw, and my body was to the right of the fence. Some how the edge of the board caught the blade and kicked back into my left hand. I immediately grabbed a cloth and went to the house and told my wife I needed to go to the emergency room. She asked, what did you do and I said you don't want to know. Since she was driving I just kept my hand covered and we went to the hospital. They assessed the damage, made x-rays, and made an appointment for me to see a hand specialist the next day. Oh yes, they also gave me pain pills and antibiotics. To make a long story short, after about an hour and a half in surgery to repair a badly broken and partly crushed bone in my thumb, and sew the fleshy part of my index finger back in place they sent me home to re-cover. Oh, did I mention that I am left handed!

Some Earlier Accidents

Worked in Flooring Industry for 30 Years

II have been in flooring business 30 years before my accident. Was ripping a 3/4 board when saw kickbacked on me and took my entire hand across blade . Severed every nerve , blood supply was destroyed to all fingers. Because I had saw blade adjusted to correct height I was spared complete amputation of entire hand from middle of palm. My local hospital could not treat me and prognosis was not good. I was flown to Louisville Ky. and treated by a hand specialty hospital. First diagnosis was amputation of hand because of no blood supply for 12.5 hours. Went thru 8 hours of surgery and reattached thumb and pinky and all blood supply was restored along with bone fusion and 5 pins to secure thumb ,ring finger and pinky. It's been 18 months since accident and have about 80 per cent use of left hand now. Never thought anything like this would ever happen to me but it did and it can happen to you. Bought a new table saw with safety measures to make sure it never happens to me or my employees again. Picture is posted.

Reached over with Hand to Avoid Hitting Blade with Push Stick

I was ripping some thin material and reached beyond the blade to pull last of material through to avoid hitting blade with push stick. My left thumb contacted the blade which pulled my hand down and into blade. My thumb pad was chewed up from the outside edge of nail to 1st knuckle. Index finger was cut across the 2nd joint, severing a nerve and cutting 50% of tendon. It could have been much worse

Reached into blade with free hand

I was ripping 1x6 down to 2.5. I was using a push stick, but used my left hand to clear away a piece of scrape and got the tip of my index finger on the blade. I should know from years of experience never to get my free hand near the blade.

Fingers went for a ride in the blade

I was ripping down plywood and it kicked up and took my hand for a ride through the blade. I lost three finger tips. One was half of my ring finger.

Saws do not discriminate

I was making a 1.375 inch rip cut for a stile and kickback occured. I was within 1 inch of completing cut when it occured. I suffered fractured bone and tendon was completely removed. Cut through knuckle bed requiring insertion of metal pin so bone could set and heal. Approximate time for pin to be left in finger is 6 to 8 weeks. May lose fingernail,may not grow back. I am currently in the fourth week of recovery. I will then have to go through therapy. I have lost all mobility of finger and some to hand. This will affect my life and career entirely for the rest of my life. I am in the process of searching for a new career,11.00 an hour is not worth any part of my body. I am 40 years old and now Iam faced with trying to find a job that I can perform and finding an employeer that will accept my new disability.Cabinets were my life. I enjoyed it for over 15 years. Now I am terribly afraid of anything that involves blades of any fashion. I used to pride myself of how careful I was when doing my job,and seeing first hand the damage a saw blade can do from seeing other peoples accidents,but in just a fraction of a second I became a statistic. Be careful. Use all safety precautions and good luck to all cabinet builders. It takes only one mistake and your life will change forever. Saws do not discriminate.

Trance music

I was ripping about a 1/16" off of the back of 2 10' long pieces of 3" tall alder base board. With one hand I was pushing the work through with a puch stick. The other had was hold the baseboard tight against the fence. The hand that was holding the wood against the fence got zinged at two fingertips by the edge of the blade... I got 1/16" slit in two fingers.... 18 years on this saw and,this was my first accident... I am lreading up on other safety procedures. The injury happend at the the end of the day. I was awake, alert and in a great mood... The only Thing I can think of is that I had trance music playing in the shop sound system.... It is my belief that though I was alert and awake, I was too "relaxed" usually I am hyper vigilant on my saw.... No more trance music in the shop!

Bent blade guard

Had not used saw in 6 months. 2nd cut board hung up on bent blade guard. I stupidly moved closer and gently pushed bent blade guard to straighten. Wood and hand were sucked into the blade. I attribute this accident to poor safety inspection of saw before use and to the fact I had not used saw in a while. Be careful out there!

Lost fingers

Always use a pusher - never reach to dislodge wood stuck in saw - it takes your hand into the blade - and I am living proof!

All five fingers cut

I was ripping wood on the table saw for a job, which I have been doing for some time now. I was just about finished for the day, and the saw (no guards over the blade) bound up and my hand went into the blade. All five fingers were cut, near amputation of the index finger. Both my index and middle fingers were fused at the PIP knuckle.

Moved fence with blade running

While cutting green timber blocks at 55mm I stopped to adjust the rip fence,I did not see the small wedge shape off cut between the fence and blade. I moved the rip fence towards the rotating blade while reading the vernier and the off cut contacted the blade propelling it out. It hit me on the nose. I was momentarily stunned and did not know what had happened initally. I replicated the event next day standing well clear of the blade and off cut. Upon contacting the blade the off cut was launched forward and out landing some 5 meters away. From the test I determined that the blade shot the timber offcut forward so quickly that I considered it was too dangerous and possible damage to machine parts or secondary impact damage could occur so I ceased any further tests.

Birch plank slammed me

I was making a simple cross cut in a 70cm length of birch plank. Rather than reach over and get my homemade sled, I just stood directly in front of the blade, held either end of the wood with each hand and pushed it freehand in to the blade. No dust/safety cover and no riving knife was fitted. The cut of the wood collapsed on to the blade as it was a few centimeters from the end of the cut. The wood, grabbed by the blade, shot off towards me, hitting me straight in the stomach, and breaking last of the cut i was originally making. The left side of the wood fell to the floor after imparting it's energy on me, the other half flew across the workshop (about 6 feet) and hit my bench grinder on the end of the wood, splitting the wood down the grain and taking some paint off the grinder, then impailing itself in the metal guard of the bench grinder by two inches. As the saw is a cheap/basic brand, the riving knife and safety cover take ages to bolt on and I had not done this since making a dado cut a few months ago. I should also not stand behind the blade... and definitely not have made a stupid cut like that. I survived and learned.

No push blocks at work

It only takes split second. The company I worked for did not supply push sticks and the employee I worked with stood there waiting for pieces instead of helping . When accident happened he was first one to leave the building. Remember: always use push sticks and all safety equipment for the table saw and make sure you have a good work partner.

Dado cut Thumb in half

I am a 48 year old male that does woodworking projects as a hobby. Attached are photographs of my accident with a table saw. I was pushing a trim piece of oak (approximately 1 wide), the material broke and my forward momentum caused me to place my right thumb on the saw blade. I used this saw without guards as I had previously used it dozens of times. The injury consisted of splitting my thumb in two from fingernail to palm and losing the nerves and distal bones in my thumb. The surgeon took a piece of bone by my palm and fused it to the remaining distal portion of the bone in my thumb. I lost the tip of my thumb and it does not bend at the joint, but it moves and I have feeling. The accident occurred on November 30th, and I am still trying to learn how to use my new thumb. The last photograph is my thumb as of today.

Looked Away While Pushing and Got It In My Stomach

I was cutting a 1/4" wide piece from a 3/4"x1.5"x12" piece of maple. the wide part of the board was between the fence and the blade figuring it would be safer that way. I was using the gripper jig to push the piece through and was looking around for my push stick to finish the cut. I did not see it but kept pushing the piece through the blade. As it finished the cut i momentarily let up on the gripper jig sllowing the kickbak to happen. The 3/4X1-1/4 piec of maple flew into my stomach. And as others have reported I wondered what i had just done. I have a bruse and some blood but no hospital. I was lucky. I naormally am very safe but just a wake up call.

Long Sleeve Shirt Caught Blade

Reached across blade with left hand, blade caught long sleeve, pulling hand down onto blade . . . fortunately I had already turned saw off, so blade was slowing. Broke & cut four fingers, will not re-gain feeling in two.

Sharp Corner on Pushblock

The push block I was using had a sharp corner on the end I was holding during the kickback. Corner jammed into palm of hand.

Log Kickback

Cutting a log to make a unique picture frame. Log kicked out and hand hit blade.

Distracted by Child

Yesterday I wanted to make three cross cuts on a walnut table 1/2" the two first cuts were done in another saw (miter saw) and the finished cut 2 or 3 mm was done in a cross cutting in tha saw table. before start the third cut, tha las cut, I mentally was distracted because my son 1 1/2 years awaked (I was encharged of taking care of him), so I did not tha firs cut in the miter saw. I start the cut in the table saw. At the midle of the cut the piece of wood was not pushed uniformly, and the saw made a kick off, the pice of wood hit mi abdomen just on my celular phone (I use my celular phone inside my shirt near the waist), and tangentialy hit my abdomen without injury. In a future y will reinforce all the safty rules before a cross cutting, and mentally non distracted.I will design a apron made of thick leather reinforced to protect my front body of any piece of wood hiting my abdomen Note: English isnot my language, so I apology for any idiom fault. G.O.S.

Accidentally Knocked into Blade

I was cutting the last piece to finish a wood floor, almost ready to clean up and one of my co-workers walks behind me and hits me with a bag he was carrying and pushed me against the table, i dont exactly remember how but the blade hit my hand and cut 3 of my fingers off. luckily for me surgery went great and i still have my fingers, not full mobility but they are there.

Reached Over Blade

I was reaching over the blade while ripping a 2x4 when my thumb contacted the blade. I was lucky enough to only have flesh damage and apparently avoided any nerves.

Kickback Off Plywood

kickback off plywood - the board hit my right index finger cutting, to the bone, three inches back from the nail. 12 stitches. as soon as it heals i must face the table saw again - kinda scary.

Stuck Thumb Into Blade

I was cutting a piece of acrylic down, when I reached behind the saw to stop a piece from kicking back at me. It was a 5 foot strip, and only approx. 1/8" wide. I got a little too close to the blade, and cut right into my thumb. When I pulled away, I put another nick into my thumb. Probably should go for stitches, but isn't that severe. I did not go down to the bone. Got very lucky.

Fence Pinched Wood - Kickback

Kickback against the rip fence. Rip fence pinched the wood towards the back of the blade. Part of the wood hit my hip area and bruised it. Nothing too serious luckily. It continued back and hit the drawers at the other side of the garage and completely broke through one of them.

Miter Saw Accident

Cutting 45 degree miters in 1x2 material on compound miter saw. During cut wood bound on blade caused kickback and shot the piece into my palm. 7 stitch laceration.

Bad Idea!

It occurs to me to use a thin scrap of wood to push against the side of my spinning blade and make it stop faster. But the thin scrap suddenly broke and my midle finger hit the spining blade. Not a bad injury, but a big scared.

Pregnancy and Tablesaws Do Not Mix

i was cutting molding for small window and holding the wood with left hand while cutting with a cordless hand saw. The wood moved and instantly my left hand was sucked up into the rotating blade. my left index finger was completely shredded and cut from the base up to tip all the way to the bone and tendon like a banana. i was rushed to ER to also find that my middle finger was cut at the base severing the nerve. They suggested amputation, but a plastic surgeon is determined to try to rebuild and save it. I am 4 mnths pregnant and surgery needs to try to be performed without anesthesia. They may just amputate for the safety of my baby. I have had to undergo two dead flesh removal surgeries with just local anesthesia, but it only lasted a couple minutes because all the meds just leaked out my finger. i was held down by several nurses while they continued to cut. I have used power tools for years, Im still in shock over how it happened. now my left hand is severely disfigured, painful and unable to fix due to my pregnancy. Dont use power tools while pregnant.

Complicated Jig Accident

I was making some wedges by cutting 2.5" x 5" maple at a shallow angle. To do this, I cut a piece of 2x4 to the same angle, and attached a piece of plywood to the end at a 90 degree angle. This jig would cradle the maple holding it at the right angle while having a straight edge from the 2x4 to run along the fence. However, after about 5 cuts, I went to lift the entire jig to bring it back to the near side of the rotating blade, then something happened. I suspect, my lifting the jig pushed the maple into the far end of the blade, which then flew back and hit the back board of the jig which then force the front portion of the jig into the far end of the blade sending the whole thing back at me. It hit me in the stomach, leaving a really nice red rectangle, with enough force to separate the back board from the wedge. The skin was broken in two places, one 90 degree impression from the block, and one point which I assume was from the screw head.


Tripped .Stuck hand out to prevent falling.sawed down middle of middle finger. still have it but no feeling left in it.

Bad Lighting

Tried to rip a small piece of pine with shop light behind me causing my body to cast a shadow over the workpiece. With blade stationary I could see the blade teeth, but as soon as it spins you can't see where the blade ends. Caught my thumb and completely removed my fingerprint. Took 5 months to heal.

Looked Away To Put Push Block Down

I was working on a table saw (did not have a guard)that I had used hundreds of times before. I was wearing a full visor and using push blocks. I had completed pushing through a 24"x24"x3/4" piece of mdf, clean cut, nothing went wrong. I looked to my right to put down push block and felt my left shoulder jerk. I had unknowingly let my left hand stray into the still moving blade. My ring finger hit the blade which then threw my middle and index fingers and thumb into the blade. Severe damage to bone, nerves, tendons, etc. As a result, ring finger had to be amputated, permanent loss of sensation and mobility to index and middle fingers, and loss of thumb tip. The wood shop I was working in now has a "SawStop"!

Small Piece of Plywood Kicked

I was cutting a 12" by 12" piece of plywood to 12" by 8". The piece kicked back with such force to break my #4 finger and cause a couple lacerations.

Plastic Kickback

I was trimming Plastic Molding for the bathroom. There was a kickback and my fingers went into the blade. Was not using a push stick and no kickback guard. I will go back to using a push stick.

Groin Injury

Ripping Laminate without a push stick; 1 1/2" edge piece caught between blade and fence, kicked back at high velocity and hit me in the groin. I was incapacitated on floor of shop for 45 minutes.

Small Saw Injury

I used a blunt piece of 1x2 with a notch as a push stick for a thin rip. Pushing through the rip the push stick kicked back back into my hand. The blunt corner cut into my palm in a L-shape incision, I have a noticeable scar twenty year later. This was asmall job site table saw; still packed tremendous punch.

Wood Vibrated Back Into Blade After Cut

I finished cutting a of 10"x10" piece of 3/8" inch plywood. I let go of the miter gauge and was reaching to cut the saw off. The vibration of the saw walked the plywood back into the blade and caused a kickback. It hit me right above the belt bucket causing a small cut and bruise.

Scared Me

I was ripping some western red alder, using a push pad and without the guard and splitter, and a kickback sent my push pad into the blade, nicking my left thumb. Scared me enough to sell that saw, and buy a full cab saw. Almost never take the guards of now.

Slipped When Reaching Across Blade

Using panel saw to rip particle board for drawer construction. Ripped piece, turned off saw reached over with left hand to grab piece thinking saw blade had stopped rotating, slipped and pushed my middle and index finger into the still spinning blade. Lacerations across fingertips and nails. Lucky that blade wasn't at full speed or my fingers would have been gone. Guards were not in place.

Poor Set Up

Trimming rough wood using a push block and push stick but poor securement of the workpiece.

Looked Away

Ripping a piece of board, got distracted for a second, looked away and almost cut my thumb off between knuckle and nail. Seen a plastic surgen to get nerves and tendons repaired.

Board Rode Up and Flew Back

Using push stick to make a bevel cut. half way through the 18" cut the board started to ride up the blade. Before I new it the board whipped back at me, but not before bending my finger and sending it over the tip of the blade turning the tip of my finger into hambuger meat.

Reached Across Blade

Was ripping shelf edging, 1/8 thick, reached across the blade to continue the rip and my left index finger hit the blade, almost lost the tip of the finger, stitchesanc loss of feeling in that finger.

Put Thumb Into Blade

Doing home repair and need to trim a strip previously applied to a 2x4 for an over sized wall. Took the add-on piece and set it up to rip a 1/4" off and did a reach over instead of using a push block, as i should have, and dropped my thumb into the blade. Which then preceeded to remove my finger print.

Really Bad Accident

Finishing handrails for my deck. grooving 2x4 to cover pickets. Friend had borrowed my circular saw and router, so I decided to use the table saw. Had made about 40 identical cuts prior to accident. I was pulling the board through and the saw didn't have a guard or a guide on it. The board kicked and pulled my hand into blade. Almost cut off my right thumb. Cut every finger on hand. Ring and index fingers were fractured and have some bone missing. The middle finger was amputated at the middle joint. i've got a good bit of nerve damage. I'm a firefighter and I'll be off work for several months.

Ripping Very Small Strips

I was building a cross cut sled for a table saw. I was ripping some very small strips of Red oak for the rails of the sled. Somehow my thumb touched the blade. Tore right through my glove and into my right thumb. Did n't go to hospital beacause there's nothing to stitch, just chopped a v-groove in there. Cleaned and bandaged it carefully. Probably looking at a 14-day heal time.

Accident Damaged the Saw

I was ripping a bunch of 13-foot 1" boards into strips 1 1/2" wide, when I got to a board which had had bark almost half-way through (hence, this half was thinner than the other). I needed strips of identical thickness so I figured I could save this part for another project instead of ripping it into useless strips. I did't have anything but the table saw around me at the time, and being too lazy to go get the miter saw or a handsaw, I opted for making a cross-cut on the table saw (which I had never done before). I removed the fence, positioned the board perpendicular to the saw, and pushed it firmly against the blade. The mistake I made was not using a miter gauge or a sacrificial piece behind the board. So once it got about an inch from the end of the cut the blade kicked bad, breaking the board and stopping the saw. Moreover, with the piece being so long, the ends started to lean downwards, thus lifting the middle and pressing it against the blade. Luckily, my hands were not damaged in the incident, aside from the pain from the kickback. However, the saw was damaged. The blade is no longer parallel to the fence and when it runs, some vibration in the machine makes it sound much harsher, like it lacks power.

Lost Balance

lost my balance put my hand out to stop my fall and put my left hand into saw cut four of my finger almost off ... only if the mind didnt tell me to put my hands out to lessen the impact of the fall all that would have happened is a broken nose and maybe a couple of teeth so rember not to put your hands out to stop your fall .......

Tried to Pull Board Back

I switched blades, from a finishing blade with 100 teeth to a general purpose blade with 60 teeth. I also switched from a composite board to regular pine. As a result of those changes, the blade pulled with much greater force on the wood. Then I made the mistake of trying to pull a short piece out of the blade while it was still spinning. The blade grabbed the wood and yanked my hand into the blade. I had superficial cuts on my left pointer and middle finger; the real damage was done to my left ring finger. I partially amputated the end of it. The cut ran right down the center of my nail to the nail bed and then off to the pinky side, so I had only half of the tip left. The rest had simply vaporized. The surgery to mend the finger involved cutting a flap of skin and flesh from the site of the amputation almost back to my palm; it was not totally removed, in order to preserve the nerves and blood vessels. The "flap" was then stretched to the tip of my finger, creating (in effect) a substitute half tip of my finger. I had the surgery 14 months ago and the sensations in my finger are still confused. The first thing the surgeon said to me was, "have you thrown out the table saw?" The answer is yes. A neighbor who spoke to me after the accident and told me that in Cuba they call table saws "cortodedos" or finger cutters. I cannot say that this accident was a result of being distracted or chance or faulty equipment. It was the result of stupidity and poor judgment. These saws are dangerous and should only be handled by people who are skilled craftspersons. People like me get in way over their heads when they buy them. Best to leave it to professionals.

Plywood Bucked

Was cutting plywood pieces for a project, using 0.5 inch plywood. Was finishing up and down to cutting the outer trim. Mistake: Didn't lower blade to cut it, left blade @ 1.25 inch. Was using push stick but peice bucked throwing my left hand into the blade. It took 0.5inch off my index finger and mangled the middle and ring finger. Kinda looked like hamburger. Healing up nice though, thick scar tissue in middle finger causing issues but I was very lucky.

Reached Over Blade

A very thin rip cut of a oak trim. Use the feather boards on the the infeed, as I was completing the rip I reached over for the the last of the outfeed and touched the blade. Had removed the guard, just lazy to put it back in. Thumb ok, went to hospital for 6 stitches. Could of been so much worse. Better to be safe than sorry.

Should Have Used A Planer

I was milling a maple floorboard, I needed to take 1/4 off of its thickness, I didn't have access to a thickness planner. I was using a push stick that was too wide, the same width as the space between the blade an fence. The board was warped so I began applying pressure inward (towards the blade). The push stick caught the bladed kicked to the left pushing my left hand out. Since I was pushing in with my left hand it came back in after being pushed out and caught the blade. In the middle of the rip it occurred to me that the push stick was too wide, but I was sure the board would kick back if I let up. I was very careless. I got fairly lucky. I lost my left middle finger just below the nail, so I still have the last knuckle and a bit above it. I also had a gash down to the bone on my left index finger, this cut its flexor tendon. This happened a few days ago (1-4-12). I had surgery a few hours after the injury to clean out the wounds, stitch the top of my middle finger closed and repair the flexor tendon. My prognosis is good, my injuries should have little impact on my everyday life.

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